7 Eylül 2010 Salı

A remembrance of things, along with other things...

I can think of more than a hundred reasons to be thankful to my brother, first of which is the fact that he's always been there for me. But tonight, I'm thanful for a particular one of those: his impact on my musical taste.

At the very core of my musical taste lie two bands, who have been there since the beginning of time (Since I consciously started enjoying music). These two bands are Iron Maiden and U2.

I know that their common points are not less numerous than goofy characters in a Christopher Nolan movie, but stuff happens...

Iron Maiden is a different story. The first time I've seen them live, July 17th 2005 in Paris, I almost felt like a devout christian witnessing a true miracle, by Jesus himself.

Tonight, for the first time, I've seen U2 live. I'm five years older than I was at that first Iron Maiden concert and to be frank, I didn't feel like I was witnessing a miracle, no...

It was something else. Something more personal maybe, along with a lot of other things. It was like revisiting a decade of my life and accepting it with all its joys and despairs. Tonight, I've seen the sixteen-year-old me. I've listened to that first mix-tape I'd made for my ex. And I've reaffirmed my faith in good music.

I am also thankful to my friends who have bought me the ticket for tonight. Along them, Beribik merits a special thank you for all the effort she's put through to get me that ticket (:

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