11 Ekim 2011 Salı

Trip to USA Part 4: Monday Night Loneliness

Brooklyn, 22:23 EDT

Left Deniz at the AirTrain station for JFK, she's flying back tonight and I'll be here for a couple days more. Took the subway back to Brooklyn and headed for the neighborhood bar. Ordered a bottle of Ithaca Pale Ale and been checking out the game: Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions. Haven't still figured out all the rules of football but I can enjoy a touchdown nonetheless. Bears are losing though ):

It'd been a while since I felt this lonely. I'm all by myself at NYC, while all my friends are sleeping (hopefully) on the other side of the globe. Time difference can be a bitch sometimes. 

Don't get me wrong, I know I ain't alone. Got friends, family, a girlfriend (How dearly she's missed). Yet, I guess it'd been a some time since I was at a bar by myself with nobody to call. 

By the way, it's really hard to be sentimental while guys on the big screen are just jumping on top of each other brutally. Thank you guys but I guess I'll prefer soccer. 

Switched to Brown Ale and the Bears scored a touchdown. Things are improving already (:

(Since there's no one to talk Turkish to, I felt like writing this one in English. Belki yarın da New York'a dair bir şeyler yazarım ana dilimde...)

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